Loredana’s Pesto began in 1993 at the Downtown Denver Farmers’ Market. I borrowed some crates and an old door from the farmers and made a table. And I started selling pesto. I sold out in one hour.

I learned how to make pesto at my parent’s first restaurant, Berthoud Falls Inn, in Berthoud Falls, Colorado. The chef was Gabrielle (Gabrielle’s of Sedalia). My brother, Ivano, was the assistant chef, my two sisters bussed tables and I washed dishes. I watched and I learned. When the kitchen needed extra help I would fill in. I worked in the kitchen from when I was 9 years old to 15 years old. At fifteen I began to bus tables until 1987, the year the restaurant burned down.

In 1988 my family opened Ristorante Al Lago in Dillon, Colorado. It was there when my brother asked me to pick up the basil at the Farmers’ Market. The farmer asked me what I was going to do with all that basil and I told her that we use it for making pesto. She invited me to come to the Saturday Farmers’ Market and sell pesto.

My husband, Jay, and I spent several years traveling the local farmers’ market circuit. Along the way, we opened a commercial kitchen and retail shop in Olde Town Arvada. Along with our original pestos, we have created rare vinaigrettes, one-of-a-kind Italian marmalades, Italian olive tapenades and marinated Italian cheeses.  Today our product line consists of approximately 30 delicious gourmet products.







Loredana’s Products can be found at Farmers’ Markets throughout Colorado, in holiday shows and events throughout the year,  in select Whole Foods Markets along the front range and can be ordered online from loredanas.com